About this site
This site is made by Zworqy. It has two main purposes: To provide working links for as many (public) freeware programs for Elasto Maina as possible, and to provide help to beginners and others about Elma and the editors for it.

More Info About Action Supercross and Elasto Mania
Action Supercross was created in 1997 by the Hungarian programmer Balazs Rosza. It was a motorbike simulation game for the PC. The game was a great success and in 2000 he released Elasto Mania, the sequel to Action Supercross.

The graphics in Elasto Mania are simple but great, and the sound is OK. The goal in each level is to pick up all the apples and then touch the white flower. The characteristic feature of this game, as the name implies, is the VERY elastic dampeners.

How to buy
To buy Elasto Mania, visit one of the following links:

http://www.elastomania.com/order.htm - The official place where you can order the download or floppy disk version.
http://paprika.moposite.com/info_games_order.php - Here you get some more info on how to order, and how to get the Elma Forever CD.

Here you can download the shareware versions of Across and Elma:

Across 1.1 Shareware
Across 1.3 Shareware
Notes: There is no full version of Across 1.3. Across runs badly or not at all on Windows XP.

Elma 1.11a Shareware (Installer)
Elma 1.11a Shareware (ZIP)

Here are all the patches for Elma:

Elma 1.0 (Some old programs only work with this)
Elma 1.1
Elma 1.11
Elma 1.11a (recommended)
Elma 1.11h by Hibernatus
Elma 1.11hb by Hibernatus
Elma 1.2 beta by Hibernatus
Elma 1.2 final by Hibernatus
Elma 1.2 very final by Hibernatus (recommended)

NOTE: The patches by Hibernatus and milagros are unofficial. Recommended patches are 1.11a (newest official one) and 1.2 very final.

INSTALLATION: The patches 1.0 to 1.11a, are very easy to install, just download the .exe file and rename it to Elma.exe (You might want to backup your old elma.exe first).

For 1.11h, for now you can only download the exe file and rename it like with version 1.0 - 1.11a, because I haven't found the ElmaConf.exe for it (yet). So in other words you can't get all the extra features. On the other hand, you can always download version 1.11hb or 1.2 instead.

For 1.11hb, download and unzip the zip file into your Elma folder (Elma.exe will be overwritten!). Then use ElmaConf to configure all the new options.

For 1.2 beta and final/very final, download the zip and unzip it to your Elma folder. Then run ResEdit.exe once. When you have done that you can delete the Res folder and run Elma12.exe. (Don't rename it)


ElmaXP & Elma12XP by nh)
Makes your Elma run smoother in Windows XP. Use ElmaXP.exe for Elma 1.0 - 1.1x and Elma12XP.exe for Elma 1.2.

constfps by milagros
This patch installs like the normal patches, but it writes .PCX image files that you can use to make a movie with, if you have an images-to-video program like videomach.

ElmaConf12wide by milagros
Special version of the config program for Elma 1.2 very final, that let's you choose widescreen resolutions.

Elma Online Beta by milagros
This version let's you play the multi part of Elma online. Read the readme for installation instructions.

Belma a.k.a. Ballelma by milagros
With this revolutionizing version you can play Elma online. You will see the other players that are playing the same level as you. Read the howto for installation instructions.

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